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Sport Facilities

Physical activity is important for maintaining body fitness and mental alertness. The university is committed to providing the best sports facilities and world-class to its entire staff to build a sports complex . The sports complex comprising the main stadium for track and field events , community halls for various events, including squash , netball , sepak takraw , volleyball , basketball and a variety of sports in the hall is often the focal point of student active in sports . In addition, UPM also has an Olympic -sized pool , tennis courts, hockey fields and quality , while also famous 18-hole golf facility that often become the focus of a national championship . In addition, UPM also has a world-class rugby facilities to be used by students who are active in the sport of rugby and most of them represent the country at international level. Due to the sporting facilities , UPM has been the focus of many national athletes to continue their studies at university. The names of such students Robani Hassan Roslinda Samsu , Leong Mun Yee and Cheng Chu Sian is no stranger names in the international sporting arena . The university offers a wide range of sports facilities are not only for use at the university level but also at the national level . UPM Staff and students are given priority for use of the facilities provided.

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