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Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science

Code and Name of Programne : UP0000001 - Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science

Programme Duration

The duration of programme is two (2) semesters (1 year), using the syllabus of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science Programme. The syllabus is specifically designed based on the basic science curriculum of Higher Education Institutions (local institutions/overseas), matriculation and STPM syllabus.

Students must undergo the programme for a year, taking a total of 56 credit hours of courses including Basic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Mathematics, English, and Agriculture. Each semester consists of six (6) subjects and every student MUST PASS all subjects offered throughout the study.

This programme will provide a strong foundation as preparation for the students before pursuing their bachelor programme, particularly in the field of agriculture and science. Students who have successfully completed the programme are eligible to enrol in any of the programmes offered by the university. Below are the courses offered by UPM for undergraduate students:


Students of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science (Mainstream) will enrol in a bachelor course in early September of the following year by choosing one of the programmes offered by UPM at the undergraduate level including Medical Doctor:

Faculty of Agriculture

PG11 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
PG14 Bachelor of Horticultural Science
PP05 Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness)
PG27 Bachelor of Agriculture (Aquaculture)
PG32 Bachelor of Agriculture (Animal Science)

Faculty of Forestry

PG12 Bachelor of Forestry Science
PY11 Bachelor of Wood Science Technology
PG47 Bachelor of Science Parks and Recreation

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

PM01 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

PM00 Medical Doctor
PM02 Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences)
PM05 Bachelor of Science (Dietetics)
PM09 Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Community Health)
PM10 Bachelor of Science (Environmental & Occupational Health)

Faculty of Engineering

PK 01 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil )
PK02 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)
PK03 Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)
PK05 Bachelor of Engineering (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)
PKO8 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
PK15 Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
PK16 Engineering (Process and Food)
PK17 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Communication Systems)

Faculty of Food Science and Technology

PG09 Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
PG17 Bachelor of Science (Food Studies)

Faculty of Education

PT09 Bachelor of Education (Agricultural Science)

Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

PS02 Major in Biology
PS08 Major in Mathematics
PS09 Major in Statistics
PS15 Major in Physics
PS28 Major Chemical
PS29 Major Industrial Chemicals
PS30 Chemistry Major
PS36 Major in Materials Science
PS37 Instrumentation Science Major

Faculty of Design and Architecture

PH02 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

PG07 Biotechnology
PS26 Biochemistry
PS27 Microbiology
PS71 Cell and Molecular Biology

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

PG46 Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology
PP43 Bachelor of Environmental Management



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