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ASPer16 Election 2020

On 5 November 2020, the Centre of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science organised the ASPer 16 Election to appoint a student council among batch 16. It was the second time that ASPer conducted an election. The only difference between the first and second elections was the latter was conducted fully online. Nonetheless, the election process still mimicked the offline version which involves submitting the nomination form, campaigning, and casting a vote.   

695 or 89.33% of students had cast their votes to choose their preferred representatives.

The candidates compete for three positions which are President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This year, there were 4 candidates who competed for President, 5 candidates each for Secretary and Treasurer. Besides that, the candidates submitted their campaign videos on ASPer’s Instagram (@asper_upm).

Ammar Haziq Bin Mohd Faiz from Group 7 is selected as the President of ASPer 16. As for Secretary, Muhammad Farhan bin Abdul Rahman from Group 2 won the said position while Nur Nisa Ayuni binti Azizi from Group 7 is the Treasurer.

Candidates with the second highest votes for each position will automatically become the deputy. Siti Sarah binti Sulaiman (Group 18), Farah Aleesa Binti Abd Razak (Group 7), and Tan Xiao Xuan (Group 6) are the Deputy President, Deputy Secretary, and Deputy Treasurer, respectively.

It is our hope that the chosen six students will execute their responsibilities in leading the rest to be holistic in every aspect of life.

Date of Input: 17/11/2020 | Updated: 08/10/2021 | hasniah


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