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ASPer 15 Student's Work (English Language Class Session 2019/2020)

Empathy Vs Sympathy

by Raihan binti Zamani (Group 3)


You may feel it

But you don't show it

You may cry

But you don't try

You may be on the lookout

But you don't let it out

You may be worried

But you don't go hurried



You go inside

To those who hide

To all those fears

You go and help

To the ones who yelp

You go running

To the ones who crying



Not like sympathy

It is someone who loves you

No matter who you are

Not someone who leaves you

And change who you are


Emphasising You

By Liyana Nabihah (Group 13)


The sub goes down and darkness cloacks the night

And after the uphill, downhill follows

After every happiness, challenges arouse

But do not fear

For I am here

So convey to me your sorrows


Falling down is an accident

Staying down is a choice

So, hold my hand

And share with me the pain I hear from your voice.



By Nur 'Alya binti Sharifuddin (Group 19)

The dark days

Closing the velvet drapes

Where everything seems like a maze

The she is trying to escape.


A shoulder to lean on

Is all she needs

Everything is gone

And she starts to bleed.



Someone to understand me

I need to be

TH eone to save her.


Again I am trying

To understand her pain

She kept on crying

And ran out in the rain

To let out everything

That kept her in chains.



I tried

I saved her

From committing suicide.



Makes the world a better place


Makes you lower your gaze.

Hey  You

By Nur Sufeena Sufi Bt Mara Ridhuan (Group 23)


Hey you

What are you doing over there

Staring long at the invisible stars

I can see your face from afar

Thinking about something that is bothering you.


Hey yoy

What is with that sad face of yours

Does your heart sores?

Or is it something that you want to ignore?


Hey you

Under all of that tears

I know you have been through a lot of tihings

I feel you

I have been there before

But just to let you know, you can do this.


Hey you

Whatever you are having right now

I will always be there for you

During your sad days or happy days

We will get through this together

And that is a promise.


Wan Mohamed Nazeem (Group 33)


You're amongst a sea of faces

All unrecognizably distant

You shout out from several paces

But alas the silence is consistent.


Your mind and soul feels shrouded

You're feeling a little blue

Everywhere you go seems crowded

But, remember there's always someone

Just like you.


You're hunched over defeated

Hopeless in despair

But then a warmth touches you

And says

"It's okay, we been there"


The world finally fills with color

The fog finally subsides

Superficiality isn't what connects us

For as empathy is out true guide.

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