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Winning poems from ASPer English Week 2019





First Place: Wonderland is Real

Written by Muhammad Haziq Bin Abdul Hamid


Close your eyes, and find the means,

The means that gives you hopes and dreams.

The stars that shine, the glittering gold,

The goal that fills your heart and soul.


What makes us rush in delight when seen?

The treasures sought since younger than a teen.

What fills our brains with thoughts that churn?

The things that make our gears and cogs turn.


For it is the dream that you wish came true,

A struggle that's worth pushing forward through.

Breaking all inner demons, healing all the lesions,

To build the strategy in life that requires real patience.


By all means don't you find it necessary?

Wondering all the possibilities that is truly deemed worthy.

From dusk till dawn in deep soft slumber,

A magical land that is like no other.


Though time itself is not your restriction

An entire life to turn hopes into non-fiction

What joy it is just to sit and ponder,

Joy it is to haste, waste time no longer.



Second Place: Hey, Kampong Girl!

Written by Tan Shu Jia


I am a kampong girl.

Live at wooden house with rattan mat.

I asked mum: "Why our life is so bitter?"

Mum said: "No sweet without sweat."

My little mind couldn't understand that.


One day, I told mum: "I have a dream."

"What is your dream, my dear?"

"I want to study at the City."

Mum smiled.

I saw stars in her eyes.

That chased off my fears and frights.


"My dear, be like a lotus."

"With enough sunshine and water, you'll unfold at dawn."

I bear in mind mum's words.

I will shine like a diamond in the Big Town.


"Hey, Kampong girl!"

Although people laughed at me, I wouldn't give up easily.

With hopes and dreams, I can cope with anything.

"No sweet without sweat."

Finally, I understand it.



Third Place: Dream, Make a Move

Written by Ain Binti Ismail


I should dream my life away.

So, don't tell me that,

One day I will succeed.

Even though I'm always tired,

I never explain how much I really am.

Whenever I worked hard,

I know it's not worth my while.

And whenever I feel hopeless,

I know it will never change.

When I remember how loved I am,

I find it hard to believe.

There is so much negativity,

In a world full of hope.

For I actually believe we are all,

Utterly useless.

So, don't tell me that dreams are,

There to light our way. You are not a failure,

Dreaming is.

(Now read from the bottom line, upwards)

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