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Curriculum (Course List)

The Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science Programme has gone through three (3) curriculum review sessions since it was founded in 2005.

The latest curriculum review was implemented in March 2017 in order to provide added value and quality of teaching and learning. In addition, the curriculum of this foundation programme has also received a Fully Accredited Accreditation in the same month.

The new curriculum has been fully implemented starting the admission of 2017/2018 academic session.



Bil Code Subject Subject Name Credit hour
 1. ASA0104 Agriculture and Food Industry  5(4+1)
 2. ASA0105 Keusahawanan dan Pemasaran Produk Pertanian  5(4+1)
 3. ASB0204 Biology I  5(4+1)
 4. ASB0205 Biology II  5(4+1)
 5. ASC0304 Chemistry I  5(4+1)
 6. ASC0305 Chemistry II  5(4+1)
 7. ASM0404 Mathematics I  5(4+0)
 8. ASM0405 Mathematics II  5(4+0)
 9. ASP0504 Physics I  5(4+1)
10. ASP0505 Physic II  5(4+1)
11. BBI2001 Foundation English  3(2+1)
12. BBI2002 Introduction to Academic English  3(2+1)



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