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Grammar Transformer Workshop

7th October, 2019, Monday – Grammar has always been the greatest ally for students when it comes to English. The bombastic words and beautiful idioms memorized would look better together when the grammar is mastered. Hence, Grammar Transformer workshop was organized. As the name suggests, the workshop is meant to transform the students’ perspectives in perceiving grammar. Led by Miss Ardini, the workshop is one of the initiatives from the English department to give opportunities for the students to learn and strengthen their understanding in grammar. The workshop was conducted throughout floating week (study week) in week 15.


The students revised the functions and usage of grammar, enjoyed the exercises provided and of course, went through all practical activities to maximise their comprehension. Students have shown significant improvement in their grammar competency. Therefore, the English department has decided to organize a series of Grammar Workshops throughout the floating week of week 17 in hope that ASPer students would further benefit from this and thus excel in their upcoming MUET examinations.


Written by Ardini, English Department, ASPer

Date of Input: 15/10/2019 | Updated: 15/10/2019 | hasniah


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