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Creative Writing Competition 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed many lives as we know it. A majority of us is confined to homes and it is hard to face; the Covid- 19 pandemic breaks many of us with tattered emotions because the future feels very uncertain. It is also undeniably true that most people have long turned to creative expression in times of crisis. Therefore, the English Unit has come together and launched a creative writing competition (CWC) under the theme of ‘Still Connected’ to help the students of ASPer reflecting their experiences of living through these unprecedented times. Through writing, students can share their thoughts and feelings.  

This year, CWC was organized by the English Unit from 15th March until 15th April 2021. There were two categories offered, namely poetry writing and film strip dialogue contest. Our unit managed to receive many submissions from emerging young writers in ASPer. The winners were chosen based on their outstanding language skills, distinctive styles as well as descriptions of mood in writings that best matched our theme. All the winners bagged cash prizes home. Below are the lists of the winners for both categories.

Poetry writing

1st place: Still Connected by Farah Sofiah Binti Mohd Nasri

2nd place: Park Bench by Kauthar Binti Mohd Fitri

3rd place: Countless Sunset and Spring by Nur Adriana Batrisyia Binti Lukman


Film strip dialogue contest

1st place: Nur Aqila Saliha Afandi

2nd place: Khairul Arfan Zikry

3rd place: Nuradilah Shahrul Niza


We would like to thank ASPer whose contributions made it possible for us to provide our young writers with the prizes and recognition they deserve. Last but not least, congratulations to all winners!

(Click here to read the winning poems and film strips)


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by Ms Zur Hanis Hamim

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