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Farewell and Welcome!


“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”

-Nikos Kazantzakis-

This is a perfect description of Madam Azean Abu Samah, Head of English Unit. She imparts knowledge, guides students, monitors their progress and applauds them when needed. She is a hard to come by teacher. However, good teachers are hard to find, and once found, they are harder to part.

30th August 2019 marked the last day Madam Azean worked in Pusat Asasi. There was not a dry eye in English Unit when all members gathered to say goodbye. It was especially tougher as they have been together from the first day they reported duty in Pusat Asasi. The decision to leave the centre was one of the toughest decision she had ever made, yet family calling always comes first for her.

For Madam Azean, Pusat Asasi is a good place to nurture oneself. She said “It has given me many opportunities, challenges and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being the most senior (age wise) staff in English Unit, I was given the trust to lead the team. It was a chance for me to explore my talent.”

When asked what her fondest memories was, she warmly said “I have met many kind-hearted people that were always ready to lend a helping hand and the students were fun to teach as we did lots of interesting activities together in class.”

She also shared her heartfelt gratitude towards ASPer “To all my big family, thank you so much for making my journey in ASPer a fantastic one. I could not ask for a better one. Every end is a new beginning! Be happy and may God bless all of you. Farewell and take care.”

Well, Madam Azean, English Unit has many good things to say to you too:

“Thank you for being our very first Head. We put our trust in you and you always delivered. You are our mentor, a sister and a friend that we will always cherish.”

“Thank you for the experiences, generosity and kindness shown. May all the decisions that you take are filled with barakah.”

“I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to work with you in Asasi. You have inspired me to be a better person inside out.”

“Thank you for training me. I wish you boundless success wherever you go!”

“I am so fortunate to have your expertise to rely on! Your uplifting words encouraged me more than you could imagine.”

“Thank you so much for your guidance, support and kind words. I love the vibe that you gave off when you are in class! I had a goosebump the first time I saw you teaching.”

To Madam Azean, although you are moving away, this office is going nowhere. You are always welcome to drop by!



In the midst of sadness, there is always a ray of sunshine. After the departure of Madam Azean, English Unit welcomes the new Head of the unit, Madam Siti Norbaiti.


As the new head, Madam Baiti shared her short welcoming note with us, “I would like to thank the team especially Madam Azean for putting their trust in me. I cannot promise to do an excellent job, but I will try.”

Madam Azean has also left an encouraging message for the new Head. She said, “A big congratulation and thank you to Baiti for taking over my role as the Head of English Unit. I am confident that you are going to do better things for the team and ASPER.”

To Madam Siti Norbaiti, All the best in leading the team forward!

Date of Input: 14/10/2019 | Updated: 14/10/2019 | hasniah


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